Twelve on the Twelfth–September 2012

I think this is the earliest posting all year.  Don’t get used to it.  Smile

I took all of these photos on my mobile phone so the quality isn’t too great.  I was following the adage that the best camera is the one you have with you and I had the phone with me all day.

September 2012 Twelve on the twelfth top

1. My lunch courtesy of Harris Teeter.

2. The first meal in the new, smaller crockpot, tomato basil soup.  (click the link for the recipe)

3. The produce results from the shopping trip. 

4. Additional soup and recipe fixings.

5. Guess what this means.

6. Surprised to see these, I was too.  But I got an email from the new chairperson of the Art Fair and she asked me to meet with her to share my files and any other information.  So I pulled out all the files and made what I expect will be my last trip to Marshall.

September 2012 Twelve on the twelfth bottom

1. My favorite shoes.  They are nearing the end of their productive life and I am having a very difficult time finding another pair to fill their place.  The company discontinued them.  I have ordered three pairs of shoes from Amazon and sent them all back.  I tried on at least 20 pairs of shoes at Potomac Mills mall the other day – nothing worked.  Sigh.  The quest continues.  In the meantime I will keep wearing these ones until they fall off my feet.

2. End of the day, Lizzie’s backpack is ready to go for Thursday.

3. Before bed, Lizzie and I watched the first half of this movie.  I was very put out the next night when we tried to finish the movie and the disc was damaged at the absolute climax of the film. Although I had seen the 1995 version many times before and I actually saw this one a couple years ago via Masterpiece Theater, it is still very frustrating to invest 80 minutes in a movie and not be able to see the end.  I grumpily retired to my room and picked up the book and read the last chapter just to make myself feel better.

4. Dinner for the next night was started before bed.  I made this recipe and we all enjoyed it.

5. Studying this book to pass my exam.  It is not fun.

6. The sad state of my craft table.  No craftiness is happening here.

Until next month.


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